The supply chain

supply chain

When we imagine the production of a product or a commodity, the first thing that comes to mind may be a factory, conveyor belts and lots of boxes. But the process of creation is much more complex. There are many more elements and processes involved than just mechanical robots and buttons. Behind a supply chain … Read more

What you need to know about the logistics chain

logistics chain

We recently talked about logistics centres and their different types in another article on our blog. Today we will discuss another important aspect of the logistics process: the chain. This is part of the whole network that makes it possible to receive, ship and many other movements necessary for the products to arrive in perfect … Read more

Logistics centres, those unknowns

logistics centres

The pandemic has changed many of our habits, especially our shopping habits: the Spanish e-commerce sector grew by 35% in the last year of the pandemic. The state of alarm caused many consumers to switch to online shopping, even though they had been reluctant to do so before. For companies, this change in consumer behaviour … Read more

Reverse logistics: the definitive guide

reverse logistics

Reverse logistics is the stage after the delivery of products in the supply chain, in which the waste originated by the production activity is recovered, recycled or eliminated. In other words, reverse logistics is a planning and control strategy that creates product collection channels for subsequent exchange, repair, recycling, reuse or destruction. In this article, … Read more

Vehicle fleet maintenance

vehicle fleet - TRADISA

Maintaining the vehicle fleet is essential for any logistics services company, as it avoids unforeseen costs and safety risks, as well as maximising profits. Once carried out, the company will have vehicles in the best condition and ready to meet the full demand, thus increasing its profitability. In addition, the vehicles will not only be … Read more

Autonomous vehicles in logistics

autonomous vehicles in logistics - TRADISA

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital and the e-commerce industry is no stranger to this phenomenon. Hand in hand with process automation, autonomous vehicles in logistics are fundamentally changing the structure, operations and profits across the industry. Read on to understand where they are used today and what their future holds. Automation: the trend that … Read more

How intermodal transport works

cómo funciona el transporte intermodal

If you want to know how intermodal transport works, you will be particularly interested in this article. In this post we will explain this movement of unit loads that serves to move goods using different combined means. How is it done without opening the units during the journey? How does the minimisation of cargo handling … Read more

Vehicle Remarketing: what you should know

remarketing vehicles - TRADISA

Remarketing is a fundamental part of vehicle fleet management, allowing us to take advantage of our assets before they lose their value. That is why, in this post, we will talk about the advantages of vehicle remarketing. If you manage a fleet of vehicles, not only do you need to keep on top of everything … Read more

Cargo Logistics Tracking


Nowadays, consumers are used to making an evaluation of how the products they have purchased from an online shop reach their hands. For this reason, e-commerce companies must be able to do cargo logistics tracking  in order to meet today’s expectations that truly make a difference in the user experience. In this article we will … Read more

Car and van CO2 targets: Europe needs a realistic roadmap to reach carbon neutrality. Via ECG Association.


The EU auto industry has the right vehicle technology available for the transition to zero-emission mobility. However, making sure that enough Europeans buy such cars in order to meet ambitious CO2 targets means that they must be accompanied by binding targets for charging infrastructure. Message from ACEA’s Director General – January 2022 In 2021, the European … Read more