Business Policy

The Senior Management of TRADISA OPERADOR LOGÍSTICO, S.L. (TOL), a leading company in the “TRANSPORT AND DISTRIBUTION OF VEHICLES, LOĜISTICS OPERATION, STORAGE AND MANAGEMENT OF LOGISTICS PLATFORMS, LOGISTICS APPLIED TO THE FINAL VEHICLE AND COMPLEMENTARY SERVICES FOR THE TRANSPORT AND PACKAGING OF AUTOMOTIVE SPARE PARTS“, considers that the excellence of our services is an essential factor in the success of the company, and that therefore each person in the organisation must be responsible for the function that he or she performs and must make an effort to ensure compliance with the requirements of the customer and other interested parties, as well as with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements and any other requirement to which the organisation voluntarily subscribes, under a constant principle of equal opportunities, respect for fundamental human rights, the Environment, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability; and therefore assumes the following principles as commitments:

1. TO PROVIDE our customers with A QUALITY SERVICE that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations, that achieves their full satisfaction by meeting all their requirements, and that allows us to consolidate their trust and loyalty.

2. To consolidate our level of EXCELLENCE, providing the organisation with the necessary resources to improve the quality of the management of our operations, prioritising the identification and analysis of the context, risks and opportunities, innovation and technological development, fostering the safety of merchandise and facilities and the integrity of the transported goods, establishing objectives and goals that reinforce our process of continuous improvement, and preserving business continuity.

3. TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT by committing to a SUSTAINABILITY philosophy that helps prevent pollution and minimise potential environmental impacts, from a Life Cycle perspective;

  • To be part of the fight against CLIMATE CHANGE, aligning ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reducing our energy consumption and offsetting our CARBON FOOTPRINT, in order to achieve a gradual reduction in the impact generated by our CO2 emissions;
  • To carry out responsible management of NATURAL RESOURCES that fosters the reduction of consumption and water quality, and that protects the biodiversity and ecosystems of our environment;
  • To carry out responsible use and management of CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES, in order to avoid affecting ecosystems, as well as possible damage to health;
  • To reduce the generation of WASTE, through reuse and recycling, both that deriving from the consumption of raw materials, and that caused by our services and activities.
  • Commitment to the transition in the use of renewable energies.
  • Reduce our environmental impacts, control and reduce our acoustic emissions, as well as guarantee the quality of the soil.

4. To ensure SAFE AND HEALTHY WORKING CONDITIONS, to prevent injuries and damage to health, such that the worker is given the authority, without prior consultation with higher positions, without recriminations, or sanctions by the company, to stop work if he/she believes that there may be an imminent danger, for him/her and/or his/her colleagues, during the execution of the work (Stop-Work policy)

5. TO PROMOTE THE ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF ALL OUR EMPLOYEES AND COLLABORATORS, through information, training and awareness, to achieve the established objectives.

El Prat de Llobregat, July 2023
Wilhelm Hitz (Corporate General Director)

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