Health & safety

Our security policy

At Tradisa, we ensure our employees’ health & safety by applying the following principles:
  • We provide safe and healthy workplaces.

  • We take appropriate measures to ensure safety in operations, providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and work-related health deterioration, minimizing as much as possible the causes of occupational risks, and taking into account Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) risks and their opportunities. Plus, we update our Prevention Plan constantly.

  • We integrate Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) in all phases of our work processes, starting with their design, followed by their safe execution, with emphasis on Behaviour Based Safety (BBS), and ending with an evaluation of the results.

  • We involve all the members of the organization since ORP is a joint effort made by everybody at Tradisa.

  • We systematically promote and set targets for continuous improvement in health and safety at work. We evaluate performance and apply the necessary corrections.

  • We guarantee the participation and information of workers and workers’ representatives.

  • We develop the necessary training activities for the development of the preventive policy.

  • We integrate our customers and suppliers in the commitment to continuous improvement of working conditions, to be a reference in our sector for excellent management and results in OSH.

  • We carry out systematic audits to verify the compliance and effectiveness of the preventive policy; as well as the compliance and effectiveness of the prohibition of using or being under the influence of any drug or alcohol during working hours.

  • We provide the human and material resources necessary to develop the preventive policy and disseminate it among all members of the company.

  • Tradisa complies with current OHS legislation in all the organization’s activities, as well as other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

  • We work with due diligence to ensure the dissemination, promotion and fulfillment of human rights, following its ethical principles, good practices and complying with current legislation.

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