Fleet MaintEnance

360 Fleet Service

At Tradisa, we offer Fleet Maintenance services consisting on:


Personalised fleet delivery. We provide dedicated spaces for the delivery of fleets so that they are carried out in an orderly and satisfactory manner for our customers.


Fleet collection, concentration of vehicles in our facilities, remarketing and distribution services.






Customer Centricity

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Service Lifecycle

Tradisa takes control of your fleet directly from your factory. We prepare and customize your fleet and deliver it in our facilities or to the desired location.

We assist the  fleet in its repair and maintenance with very short service cycles so that the vehicle is available quickly and effectively.

Finally, when the contract is completed, the vehicle is tuned in terms of bodywork, mechanics and other value-added services to get the vehicle to the market.

Fleet Delivery Service

We take care of preparing the vehicle both externally (paint, vinyls, transformations and accessories) and internally (cleaning and going through all the required tests prior to delivery. 
We provide our clients with dedicated and signposted spaces, rooms with internet connection and assistance to ensure that the delivery is effective and satisfactory.
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