Home Delivery & Special  Services

At Tradisa, we offer Cardrop services consisting on:

Home Delivery

We offer a home delivery service, meeting the deadlines set when contracting the service. Cardrop is a guarantee of quality.

Special Services

Our most exclusive service, focused on very specific needs, such as prototype presentations or new models.


Cardrop aims to provide a perfect service not only to businesses, but to the end consumer as well. We can transport your car throughout all of Europe. Explain your needs and we will deal with everything else.

Flexible Time Slots


Tailored Service


Expert Handover

Cardrop was created with the aim of offering a personalised transport service to both private individuals and professionals in the sector.
New consumer trends have driven online commerce in the automotive sector and the need for home deliveries.

Transport On Demand & Special Services

Our most professional and complete service. It transports from classic vehicles to prototypes and exclusive cars. We offer service and coverage throughout Europe. 
We have a wide range of trucks that can transport from a single vehicle in our single truck or transport more vehicles in our large capacity covered trucks.
Vehicle Transportation

Our clients

For more than 70 years we have relied on the trust of our customers to offer the best service:

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We operate in more than 25 countries


As a strategic logistics operator, we operate throughout Europe, offering comprehensive solutions and always focusing on the customer.

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