Transfesa Logistics organised a humanitarian rail corridor to Ukraine with basic necessities and drugs. Via Logística Profesional.

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Transfesa Logistics sent the first train with 400,000 kilos of goods from Isabel Zendal Hospital (Madrid) to Ukraine in the early hours of March 24th. It transported 21 containers with donations from different ONGs, city councils and institutions. Read the full article on Logística Profesional.  

Ecommerce logistics business continues to grow at double-digit rates. Via Logística Profesional.

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Turnover derived from the provision of storage, transport and distribution services linked to online sales operations stood at 2.85 billion euros in 2021, and will continue to register a marked dynamism in the short and medium term, with an estimated growth rate of around 10% per year in the 2022-2023 biennium. Read the full article … Read more

The Generalitat trusts in the potential of the port of Tarragona to reindustrialise Catalonia. Via El Mercantil.

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Pere Aragonès, the President of the Generalitat, highlighted the potential of the Catalan enclosure as an infrastructure that generates opportunities and added value, placing special emphasis on the development of the Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL), which is currently under construction. He has described the port of Tarragona as a “key infrastructure for the economic progress … Read more

260,000 trucks and 115,000 vans will benefit from the Spanish Government measures. Via Logística Profesional.

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The Spanish Government has granted a 450 million euro aid package, 85% of which will go to heavy transport and delivery vans. The logistic employers’ consider that extending the bonuses to professionals in the delivery sector (vans with a transport card of less than 3.5 tonnes) is “a great and important step forward, especially at … Read more

Car and van CO2 targets: Europe needs a realistic roadmap to reach carbon neutrality. Via ECG Association.


The EU auto industry has the right vehicle technology available for the transition to zero-emission mobility. However, making sure that enough Europeans buy such cars in order to meet ambitious CO2 targets means that they must be accompanied by binding targets for charging infrastructure. Message from ACEA’s Director General – January 2022 In 2021, the European … Read more

Report: Shipping emissions rose nearly 5% in 2021. Via ECG Association.


Shipping-related greenhouse gas emissions rose by 4.9% in 2021 and were higher than in 2020 and 2019, according to Simpson Spence & Young’s annual industry report. Shipping emissions came in at 833m metric t of carbon in 2021, compared with 794m metric t in 2020 and 800m metric t in 2019. Read the full article in the ECG Association blog.

Battery electric cars climbed to 9% of sales in 2021, driven by EU targets. Via ECG Association.

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One in every 11 cars sold in the EU in 2021 was fully electric as EV sales were boosted by EU CO2 targets for the second year running. Battery electric vehicles had a 9.1% market share, according to ACEA data for 2021. That’s up from 1.9% in 2019 – before the current EU CO2 standards, which pushed carmakers to sell … Read more

European road freight rates index up 1.1 points in Q4, hitting a new record. Via ECG Association.


The European Road Freight Rate Benchmark for Q4 2021 shows that prices ended 2021 at historic highs across Europe, driven by a volatile mix of drivers over the year with supply chain congestion, supply shortages, cost increases and spiking demand from economic reopenings across the region. The potent mix of factors, which pushed the Benchmark … Read more

Global production shortfall of nearly 10m vehicles in 2021 highlights urgent need for EU Chips Act. Via ECG Association.


Speed is of essence for an EU comprehensive semiconductor investment plan, as other regions move ahead.  CLEPA publishes a policy guide with concrete actions to ensure the success of the upcoming EU Chips Act.  The chips shortage continues to pressure industry and presents a significant to existential challenge for automotive suppliers, highlighting the need for … Read more